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Alcohol Free Hairspray Vs. Alcoholic Hairspray

When it comes to alcohol free hairspray vs alcoholic hair spray, which is better? This will probably be easier determined if looking at the pros and cons of both. However, alcohol free hair sprays are starting to become a trend. One thing that may be a great idea to look at is the particular hair style that you would want. This definitely should be considered.

There are many factors that will determine which spray is better than the other and you will want to make sure that you choose the right one. In this article we will go over the different things and compare each to better help you determine between the two on which one is better.

These are the best non alcohol hairsprays in the market now:

Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Airspray Alcohol-Free Hairspray

This product is crafted with bio renew, it's a signature blend of essential antioxidants, aloe vera, and some bamboo. Herbal Essences with bio new gets your hair back to life in just 21 days or 3 weeks. This hairspray is alcohol free and will let you touch your hair and manage the hold. If you want more a more stunning hair, you can use other Herbal Essences cleansing and styling products that include bio renew.

Aussie Air Spray Alcohol-Free Hairspray Maximum Hold

The Aussie Hair Spray is soft strong, and will not leave your hair with a crunchy feeling. It's infused with aloe vera, jojoba oir and sea kelp, all these give you the ability to touch your hair while putting the product on it. This alcohol-free hairspray will not dry out your strands.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Spray

It is a flexible hold hair spray from the Pro-V Style Series, the gold standard when it comes to styling your hair. It contains an alcohol-free formula with no ethanol that will allow you to have a truly healthier hair spray. It's and ultra lightweight spray that provides a smooth finishing for your style. Level 2 Hold means that it will leave your hair feeling moisturized and silky soft for a healthier body and bounce. You can use this product among your favorite Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

Honeybee Gardens Hair Spray Alcohol Free, Herbal Mint, 8.5 Fluid Ounce

This spray will keep your hair with a perfect style all day long, with strong and natural looking hold. It is enriched with organic botanical ingredients to nourish your hair and increase its shine. The formula that contains no alcohol means it is non-drying, so you hair will stay soft and touchable.

Pantene Hairspray, Smooth Finish, Pro-V Airspray, 7 fl oz, Triple Pack

This is a pack that contains three 7 ounces cans of hairspray. It provides light hold with a humidity resistant, yet smooth finishing. It will hold your style's shape without weighing you hair down. The formula contains no ethanol, making it a truly healthier way to style your precious hair. Using this product will leave your hair feeling moisturized and silky soft.

Aussie Mega Hairspray, with Jojoba Oil & Sea Kelp, Flexible Hold, 7 fl oz, Triple Pack

This is a triple pack of Aussie Mega Hairspray, with jojoba oil and sea kelp. It is perfect for all hair types. If you use it you will be giving your hair a flexible 24-hour hold. It's infused with Australian jojoba oil and sea kelp. This product smells like citrus and floral notes.

Ion Alcohol-Free Finishing Hair Spray, 8ozIon Alcohol-Free Finishing Hair Spray, 8oz

This 8 oz, alcohol-free finishing hairspray provides a lightweight, medium hold for a versatile hair styling. It helps tame frizz and fly-aways while leaving your hair full of body and shine. Being finished with Ion means that it's paraben-free and full vegan.

SEXYHAIR Healthy Pure Addiction No Alcohol Hairspray, 9 Ounce

This alcohol-free hairspray provides a medium hold, and high shine, offering humidity resistance. If you want to use this product correctly, you must hold the can 8 to 10 inches away from your dry hair and spray into styled hair to hold and finish.

Organic Excellence Wild Mint Styling Spray, Alcohol-Free, pH Neutral, 8 Ounce

This product contains certified organic lavender extract, rosemary extract, pepperment oil and grape seed extract. It's made in USA using no animal testing (cruelty-free). Use it on your dry or wet hair to gain a natural hold. Light fragrance of wild mint. Work very well to add manageability nd shine to your hair no matter what type of hair you have.

Suave Kids Alcohol Free Light-Hold Hairspray Swingin' Coconut - 2 Pack

This 2-pach alcohol free hairspray is residue free and hypoallergenic.

Alcohol Free Hairspray


Alcohol free hairsprays have many advantages, some we can cite here are listed below:

  • They eliminate the dryness of hair that is usually caused by alcoholic hairsprays.
  • You can now make your own alcohol free hairspray in the comfort of your home.
  • They are very lightweight and will not cause any sticky feeling when spraying your hair.
  • They usually do not contain things that are artificial such as fragrances (this one is the main reason that a lot of people select this type of hairspray).

Our Recommended Alcohol Free Hair Spray

L'Oreal Paris EverStyle Strong Hold Styling Spray

Being this our top pick when talking about alcohol free hair sprays, you'll receive:

  • A super fine mist that will lock in and will hold any type of style, at the same time adding a shine that will be endless.
  • This product uses natural botanical extract, so this means that this product is highly enriched by the nature.
  • You can apply this product on your hair all day, it also resists humidity.
  • Of course, it's alcohol-free. 100% vegan.
  • Product weight: 8.5 oz.

Only water that's filtered is used in alcohol free hairsprays so this is definitely safe to use on your hair. This can typically be used as much as you like without having to worry about it causing major damage to your hair. Also, think about it this way, alcohol free hairsprays are very safe for the environment so you are doing yourself and the environment an amazing favor.

Protected hair

Your hair is protected when using alcohol free hairspray. Your hair will produce a lot of growth and you are most definitely doing yourself a favor in cutting down on the damages. Your hair will be getting all the nutrients that it needs in order to grow and stay healthy. You will also be eliminating dryness of the scalp.

Are you looking to increase the volume of your hair? This is best done by using the spray and maintaining it with curls. Great hair texture can also be gained. You do not have to worry about your hair color fading or looking dull because it will be protected by choosing an alcohol free hairspray. Although most women go for really expensive hairsprays that contain alcohol in today's society, non alcohol hairspray is the way to go because it is very cost effective. It will not cost you an arm and a leg and this is especially true if you chose to make it yourself at home.


  • Alcohol free hairsprays will not hold curls and will not remove water from your hair and this results in hairstyles not holding up properly.

Alcoholic Hairspray - Hairsprays that contain alcohol


  • If you decide to go with curling your hair, then alcoholic spray is the way to go. The reason for this is because the way curls are made is simply by dehydration and it has to have a heat source. The protein that is in your hair molecules bend during this process and it will make the hair easier to move. However, when the heat goes away, the flexibility of the hair will go away.


  • Using an alcoholic hairspray on colored hair is not a very good option. Since already putting stress on your hair when coloring it, and then using an alcoholic hairspray may actually damage it, especially if you use these products together on a consistent basis. That is why a lot of times, people will choose to use the a non alcoholic spray to be on the safe side.
  • Keep in mind that both products are okay to use depending on how you are going to use them. There are many products to choose from. However, for a person that would like to get the most out of their hair or maximize the look and hold of your hairstyle may want to choose a non alcohol hairspray because it is in natural form. Alcoholic hairspray contains a lot of chemicals and that should be taken into consideration when trying to decide what to go for. It is truly a big decision to make.
  • Alcoholic hairspray contains a lot of chemicals and that should be taken into consideration when trying to decide what to go for. It is truly a big decision to make.

Our Recommended Hairspray with Alcohol

NEXXUS Maxximum Finishing Spray with Silk Extract, Strong Hold

If you decide to give this hairspray with alcohol, you'll receive the next benefits:

  • This hairspray provides superior hold for long-lasting hair styles, enhancing your waves or curly hair.
  • Mother nature has enhanced this product by enriching it with silk extract.
  • It's super lightweight, micro-fine hair spray
  • Will add a light shine to your hair
  • The spray will strong hold on your hair, providing you the hairstyle you want all day long.
  • Product weight: 10.1 oz



Keep in mind that both products are okay to use depending on how you are going to use them. There are many products to choose from. However, for a person that would like to get the most out of their hair or maximize the look and hold of your hairstyle may want to choose a non alcohol hairspray because it is in natural form.

However, a non alcoholic hairspray will not be as good as the one that contains alcohol. It will more than likely not perform as good. The main advantage that you would get using a non alcoholic hairspray is that your will most likely not dry out because of serious chemicals. Non alcoholic hairspray is in natural form and will contain extracts instead of alcohol. You will not have to worry about your scalp becoming flaky.

However, if this doesn't bother you, the main advantage of using an alcoholic hairspray is that your hairstyle will last longer whereas using a non alcoholic hairspray will not allow the best hairstyle and will not hold up too long. So, alcohol free hairspray or traditional (alcoholic) hairspray? It's up to you.