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Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Hair Spray

Have you been looking for a hair spray that doesn't make your hair sticky? Are you struggling to find one that can maintain your hairstyle for the rest of the day after styling it? The Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Hair Spray, 10 Ounce could be the solution to your hair needs. The hair spray has been designed for high performance capability to ensure that your hair has a great soft feel and look to it.

Product features

  • Great hold: The hair spray has been designed to provide a great hold to your hair. This ensures that it maintains your hair style for the greater part of your day. This goes a long way in ensuring that your hair stays beautiful and elegant throughout the day.
  • UV absorbers: The hair spray contains UV absorbers to protect your hair from UV radiation. UV radiation is known to cause hair loss and change in hair color which generally destroys your hair's great look. The spray has been created to it safeguard you hair from UV related damages and hence protect your beautiful image.
  • Conditioning: This hair spray has amazing conditioning agents that make your hair easy to comb and frizz free. This means that you can have your hair at any desired style and with smooth curls. The conditioning in the hair spray also reduces static charges in your hair as well as giving it a shinny look. Conditioned hair is protected from future damage and has an added soft feel to it

Benefits achieved from using this product

Having beautiful hair is a huge self esteem boost to many people. This is why the Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Hair Spray has been designed to offer amazing benefits to you, its users. These benefits include:

  • The hair spray offers great hold which ensure that your hair strands hold close together, ensuring that there are no spaces in your hair where your scalp can be seen. If you have thin hair, the spray is designed to give impression that you have bulky hair.
  • The hair spray doesn't make your hair sticky. For most women having sticky hair is regarded as an unpleasant thing. This hair spray therefore ensures that your hair holds out beautifully and doesn't stick.
  • A great thing about this hair spray is that it washes out easily and leaves no residues. This protects your from smelling and developing odors which could end up making you uncomfortable and ruining your great look.
  • The hair spray helps in maintaining your desired hairstyle. This means that you do not have to keep rushing to washrooms in order to comb and style your hair. It also helps if you have a busy schedule and you lack the time to constantly be worrying about having your hair in place

Cons from using the product

A disadvantage of using this hair spray could be its smell. Some people may find its smell unattractive. This can be remedied by spraying over your hair afterwards with a different spray of your choice, if you too do not like its smell


The Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Hair Spray, 10 Ounce is an amazing hair product that helps your hair maintain your desired style and to have an amazing look. It could be worthwhile once you give it a try.