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Rusk Being Sexy Hair Unisex Hair Spray Review

It has unique blend of natural ingredients that will help revive the scalp as well as hair follicle for a healthier looking hair. You should remember that the ingredients will work together to offer superior manageability, vibrant shine and body fullness.

It is always recommended mainly for casual wear. This means that you can always wear it whenever you going it out. It comes with different fragrances that you can choose depending on your taste. This made many people to choose it whenever they are looking for the best sprays in the market.


  • The spray is simple to use whenever you need the best solution. All you have to do is to spray it on your hair when using it. Since it comes with a manual that can guide you on how to use it, you will always read it well especially when looking for the solutions that would enable you appreciate it easily.
  • It has no side effects when using it. All people who have used this spray have always given it positive side effects after using the spray. You should never worry when using it since you will always find solutions that would work for your hair.
  • You will always get faster results when you use the spray thus making your hair to look natural and stylish. When you do it twice a day, you will have the best solutions may be in the morning and during the day.


  • It is expensive when compared to other sprays that sells in the market. However, its high quality might be reason why it might costs more for those who need to buy it.
  • Users have also complaint that it causes some itchiness whenever they use it.

How to use it

When spraying it, you can use it once or twice in a day. You should ensure that you clean your hair before using it. However, you must read the given instructions well before using one especially when you want the best reviews. Those women who have used it in the past have always given it positive reviews thus making it among the best rated hair sprays that you can easily buy today. After using it for 2-3 weeks, you will always have a soft and stylish hair.