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Rusk Worx Firm Hold Hair Aerosol Spray


Rusk Worx Firm Hold spray is an aerosol hairspray that can be used on any hair type. It works for setting finished hairstyles, and also for molding and sculpting damp hair. It adds a bit of shine to your hair and offers UV protection, which is important. The spray can also be used to protect against frizziness on humid days. It is supposed to not be sticky and last a while. It comes in a standard 10 oz hairspray can.


  • This spray works quite well for holding any hairstyle on any hair type, male or female, especially for those with fine hair.
  • It can be difficult for people with fine hair to get a good hold on certain hairstyles, such as curls, but this Rusk hairspray makes the job a bit easier
  • It does work well for styling damp hair.
  • If you use hairspray a few times a week, you'll get a good number of uses out of this.
  • The amount of shine that the spray gives your hair is perfect; it adds that extra pristine look to your hairstyle.
  • It doesn't make your hair feel too stiff or crunchy, like many hairsprays tend to do, but it does give a good hold to make your hairstyle last a while longer than it otherwise would without hairspray.
  • It does dry pretty fast, doesn't flake and doesn't feel too greasy.
  • The smell is pleasant and not overpowering.


  • Although your hair will not feel too crunchy or greasy, it might be a bit sticky after using this hairspray.
  • This doesn't last long but it may make you not want to touch your hair for a couple hours.


Over all this product seems to be popular with those who have used it; many claim it to be their ride or die hairspray of several years. It provides a great hold for any hair type, wet or dry, male or female. The shine it provides is nice and it doesn't give your hair any unwanted texture, while still giving enough hold. Rusk has many hairspray products, but this particular one seems to be the overall favorite with consumers.