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Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Spray

There aren’t enough things that one can do to look better. Salon, spa, face massage, bleaching, waxing and what not. Every girl wants to look beautiful. They want to just have a mesmerizing effect on the boys as princess used to have on their princes in the story tales. Then it may be from their toe to their hair, they just want to be perfect. Physical appearances matter in your first impression and they don’t want to leave any blank spots in that. Clothing, makeup, and accessories, these are the key features of a beautiful and great personality.

It is not limited to only girls. When it comes to fashion, boys aren’t behind as well. For them, having a great physique and a great attire is mandatory. Every boy wants cool six packs and bulky muscles to show off. Well, we can’t blame them for their desires because girls haven’t left them any choices, have they? You know what I mean and it is very natural, human nature to look good in the public.

Fashion has no age, no gender, and no boundaries. It is limitless. There are thousands of things that can be used to start a new fashion trend. A new fashion trend starts where the previous one ends, and it keeps going on and on. In our research, we came to know that having a perfect haircut or a hairstyle adds a lot of glamor to your looks. We also found that most of the girls spend a lot of time on setting their hair perfectly. It is indeed one of the important factors of your beauty.

Quick introduction to the product

TIGI bed Head Hard Head Spray is a hair spray which is used to harden your hair. It is manufactured by the TIGI Company. It firmly holds your hair in whatever shape and turns you have given. It also dries the hair, giving you a relaxed head. Most of the time you have a heavy head because all the moisturizer and the water caught in your hair. This can also lead to hair falling and scalps. You can also catch a cold if you have wet hair. This is mostly observed after washing your hair. This product avoids the damages happened due to these causes. It effectively dries your hair and gives you a perfect setting.


It has many important uses. This product is not only used for just having a nice style but also used for taking a good care of your hair, especially when you go out. Outdoors can be sometimes filled with air pollution. These pollutants tend to damage your hair. TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Spray protects your hair from them.

  • It holds your hair firmly.
  • It effectively dries your hair instantly.
  • You can apply more spray for harder action.
  • It gives a subtle shine to your hair.
  • It also conditions your hair by acting as a conditioner.
  • It helps to adjust the pH of your hair.


  • The spray comes in a cylindrical bottle of grayish silver color.
  • It is lightweight and not much larger in the area. So, you can easily carry it anywhere with you, especially when you are going outside or going on a trip.
  • This product is manufactured by TIGI. It is an international brand well known for its hairdresser products. It is used by many stars and celebrities. TIGI hairdresser products are must-have products for everybody who enjoys and loves their hairstyle.
  • It is not limited only for girls. Men can taste the benefits of this product as well. Therefore, it is a unisex product opening its doors for both, men and women.

Directions to use

  • While spraying on your hair, hold it 10-12 inches from your hair.
  • Spray it over already styled hair.
  • You can also spray it while setting your hair, but it makes them firm instantly. So, spray it as per your own convenience.
  • For better firmness, spray it in the layers. It gives extra stability at the roots of your hair, holding them firmly in their position.


  • It doesn’t have any scent. If you are an aroma lover and want your hair to have some fragrance, you can find this one in your cons list as it doesn’t yield any fragrance.
  • Some of you may find this product a bit expensive. With all its fabulous features and incredible results, the price is worth to pay for. So, if you are worrying to pay this much, don’t worry. This is a really stand product.


Well, after going through all the reviews, you can conclude that you must have this product. With this spray, you won’t have any limitations on your hairstyles. It is very easy to use, so you don’t need any expert’s advice to use that. It is very effective and won’t harm your hair in any way. It makes your hair healthy. It comes in various quantities. You can order the mini spray just to check its function if you are still in doubt.