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Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray

Introduction - What's the aerogel hair spray?

Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray, also known as aerogel hair spray, is an ultimate hair styling aid that helps to hold, design and creates a unique hair look and design. Tri means the product works in three ways acting as a fixative, gel spray and a root filter designed ideally for a natural hair perfect natural look. The tri product is designed to exceed the performance expectation of any professional stylist and ideal for home and professional use.

Aerogel Hair Spray

Product descriptions and features

3 in 1 hair spray

The Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray is one of the best hair sprays that does three things all at once. The product act as a fixative when you want to design and change the hair look, it is a gel spray that let the hair maintain the natural look but look clean and shiny at the same time.

The spray also acts as a root filter, when sprayed on the hair it easy reaches the scalp and enhances nice hair growth.


The design of the spray is appealing and compact making it easy to carry around; the nozzle is just like any spray that allows you to control the amount of spray, easy to hold and spray it yourself.


The spray is light to spray and also to the hair, the lighter spray does not stiffen the hair or weigh down the hair.


The Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray does not have a strong odor or smell making it the comfortable spray to apply on the head.

The hair remains natural but will not retain the original scent of the spray for a longer time.


The hair spray is designed so that in enhance your natural hair style allowing you to change the style, the product does not stick in the hair or foam dirt inside the hair.

Safe ingredients

The ingredients used to manufacture the Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray is safe to the environment and the hair.

The spray does not in any way affect your hair or irritate your skin after use.


The best feature of this 3 in 1 hair spray is that it is easily washable, you can use plain water or another detergent to wash off the hair.


The Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray allows you to use as a single product, or you can add other hair product without the worry of any effect.

Environment-friendly packaging

The hair spray is manufactured using a high-quality product that does not require to be tested using living animals; the product is biodegradable with completely recyclable packaging.

Pros of Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray

  • The Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray is an ideal product for fine hair that needs fixation, gel spray, and root filter.
  • Light product perfect for holding natural hair design and look.
  • Brushes and washes out easily without the use of other chemicals.


  • The hair spray is light and may not last the whole day in the hair.
  • The Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray is unsuitable for extension and very thick hair.

How does the aerogel hair spray work?


The Tri Aerogel Hair Spray, is a quality product for people with fine hair and sensitive scalp but may not be ideal for people with thick hair and the fact that the spray wears off may require you to apply now and then.