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Best Hair Spray Reviews – Hair Spray Guide

Hairspray used to be offered in many different brands but only one hold-stiff! Now we have hairspray for all different types of hair from fine to thick as well as the amount of control you want for your style. It can be used to control the "frizzies", keep every hair in place or just hold your style's shape while allowing your hair to stay soft and touchable.

There are times when you want the best hair spray to keep your style perfect, such as an important social function where it is essential that your hair is perfect. But for the past couple of decades women have wanted more than just holding power. New formulas have been developed that allow you to control your hair while leaving it soft and flexible. The trend back to more natural looks inspired the hairspray industry to develop products that feel and look as if you're not using anything on your hair. The product is easier to wash out and even has nutrients and conditioners added to make your hair healthier.

Top 5 Best Hair Spray Comparison Table

HairsprayFeaturesOur Rating

Surf Spray
Infused with Abyssinian Oil and Algae Triage Complex5/5

Big Sexy Hair
Hair Firm Volumizing Hairspray4.9/5

Kenra Volume Spray
120 Hour hold. High humidity resistance for 20 hours4.8/5

Moroccanoil Luminous
Infused with argan oil. Long-lasting natural hold4.7/5

Sebastian Shaper
Recommended for daytime wear. Fast drying design tool to hold hair4.5/5

Best Hair thickening spray

Best sprays for thickening your hair.

Hair thickening spray is also a newer development and can be fun to work with. You can spray your hair then bend your head over to blow dry the hair. The final result is an 80's "poof" look which is becoming somewhat of a trend. You can use this spray to crimp or curl the hair around your finger to make curls. Thickening spray is great for those of us with very fine or thinning hair and helps give fullness without looking artificial.

Best Hair curl spray

Best hairspray for curly hairs.

Hair curl spray is helpful when you want your curls to stay for a while. It prevents the hair from relaxing and losing the curls. Whether you use a curling iron, rollers or bobby pins to get your curls, you'll want to spray them quickly once your hair is arranged.

Invisible hold hairspray

Invisible hold hairspray is simply a hairspray with a very refined resin and lower alcohol content. The resin has much smaller molecules of gum and in turn requires a diluted concentration of alcohol. The hairspray spreads more easily over a large area of the hair, and because of the low alcohol content, does not dry quite as quickly, so it allows you a chance to position and hold the piece of hair in place before it dries. This enables you to mold your hair into a better position, after you have completed some styling position.

The best part of this refined resin is that it does not become sticky should it be exposed to a little moisture. The alcohol content is lower so there is less chance of making the hair dry out. It helps to reduce the possibility of old hair product odors because the resin molecule being that much smaller won’t easily attract and hold dirt and sweat. And the best part is that even if you shake your hair or ruffle it with your hands, the hard feel of hairspray in the hair disappears, but the 'hold' remains intact. You may pay a little more for a refined hairspray but it’s worth it. Next time you should buy the best hairspray, look for one that suggests "invisible hold" or "refined" hairspray. There are some available and you will find it once you know what to look for.

Curly hair hairspray - Nice looking curls

Curls can be sexy, carefree, elegant, or wild, depending on how you carry yourself and how you match your ensemble to your rippling, arcing tresses. They can transform you from an ordinary, straight-haired person into an attractive, dashing, intriguing one who catches eyes in any crowd and wins compliments from those who know you. Energizing your look with curls or dramatic, flowing waves of hair is easy and exciting - a change from the ordinary and something that will make you feel more fascinating and confident in yourself.

Curls and waves can also be hard to maintain, unless your hair is very fine, possessing the exact texture that takes a curl well and lastingly. Depending on the settings of your ceramic curling iron, the texture and moisture level of your hair, and a host of other factors, curls may last for a while - or they may begin to relax and lose their shape quickly. In this latter case, you may even find yourself carrying a cordless curling iron with you so that you can touch up your hair in a convenient restroom or parking lot when you're away from home.  For more information on this topic you can take a look at our article, you'll discover how to keep your hair curled for a longer period of time.

You can make your waves or curls last much longer, however, by making use of a good hairspray. There are many strengths of hairspray and individual variations for different needs, and you should take your time and pick one that matches your look and living conditions.

Lesser-strength hairsprays are often preferred because they are less likely to cause dandruff, although they will not last as long as the "freeze" brands. If you live in a damp climate, such as the Pacific Northwest, then a humidity-resistant hairspray will help prevent your curls from relaxing limply on moist days. If, on the other hand, you are from California or Texas, then an ultraviolet-resistant hairspray will be best for keeping your curls as neat and glamorous as you want them to be.

Top 16 Best Hair Sprays Comparison


hair styling - best hair spray

Surf Spray by It Hair Styling

The Surf Spray by It Hair Styling is great choice if you want to achieve a beautiful wavy hair look. It is infused with Algae triage complex and Abyssinian oil to achieve a windblown volume. If you want to enhance your hair or you may want to achieve a celebrity style look, this is a definitely a must-have product. It comes with a 5.1 ounce spray so it is very light and you can carry it in your small pouch. It is best for outdoor occasions like if you are planning to go to a beach or in windy places. What buyers like about this product is that it has sexy touchable wave that really compliments your beach or outdoor mood


big sexy hair  - best hair spray

Big Sexy Hair Firm Volumizing Hair Spray

The Big Sexy Hair Firm Volumizing Hair Spray is perfect for girls who have a very thin fine hair. When you use it, this hair spray will make your hair looks wavy which is best for any type of weather. This product will never bring you down because it is especially designed to holds your hair up for a longer period of time. You can keep your hairstyle for as long as you go out of your home until you come back home. Yes, indeed this is designed for a longer use. You don’t have to worry of re-doing your hairstyle because this is meant to last all day.


kenra volume spray - best hair spray

Kenra Volume Spray

If you are looking for a longer hour hold, Kenra Volume Spray should be on the top of your list. This incredible hair spray can hold your hair for as long as 120 hours! It also has a high humidity resistance for almost 20 hours. So it can last longer even if the weather seems unfavorable. You also don’t have to worry of getting some nasty hair flakes, because it is practically flake free. It is also perfect for the always on the go because of its quick drying formula. Kenra Volume Spray can resist even the windy weather for up to 25 MPH.


moroccanoil luminous hairspray - best hair spray

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

If you don’t feel like carrying a heavy bunch of hair, Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong is a best option. When you use it, you don’t feel the heaviness of your hair. It feels like natural and weightless. This is actually a new line of product from Moroccanoil. It is infused with Argan Oil so expect to have a naturally shiny and soft hair. You don’t need to worry of feeling sticky or brittle hair spray kind of feel because it doesn’t really cause that kind of effect. It doesn’t leave any residues so you won’t even notice any alcohol scent or the like.


sebastian shaper hairspray - best hair spray

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray

Best for styling and for longer hold and control of hair, the Sebastian Shaper Hairspray is the best choice to make. It is fast drying, so you don’t have to wait that much longer. It has a longer hold so it is perfect for various hair styles. You can wear it on various daytime occasions. This hairspray product is also most recommended by hairstylist because it has a great holding control against humidity. You will have no any difficulty of brushing your hair because it is not sticky. It is definitely a good value hair spray. This product is highly recommended by most hair stylist, try it to believe!


tigi bed head masterpiece - best hair spray

Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Hair Spray

The Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Hair Spray protects your hair against various environmental stress and humidity. This product is perfect for all hair types so it works perfectly with fine hair, as well. It also has a good Ultraviolet protection that prevents it from fading. This might be the best hair spray and is ideal for colored hairs because it doesn’t cause any fading. When you go and visit a hair salon, you will notice that this is usually used by most hairdressers. It also has a very good smell, so you won’t actually feel that you are wearing one. If you want a product that has it all, this is definitely a must try.


Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Spray Pack of 2

The Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Spray Pack of 2 is a wise buy for busy buddies like you. If you don’t have that much time to go back and forth the grocery store, then a pack of 2 will be great. The thing that most users like about this product is that it is an excellent hair spray that holds and control longer. If you try it, you won’t even dare to try other products. It is easy to brush, no unusual smells, feels clean, and it’s not frizzy. It can also withstand various types of weather. It helps keep your hair in place with a beautiful style.


Suave Unscented Hairspray

The Suave Unscented Hairspray is designed for extreme hold. Whatever hairstyle you like, this hair spray is a perfect fit. It is available in a pack of 6, so it is meant to be use for a longer time, best for salon owners and for girls who loves to style their hair. What is special about this product is that it is unscented, so if you’re a bit choosy on scents, this won’t give you any problem at all. This is also ideal for both sexes, so men and women will both enjoy this hair spray product. The Suave Unscented Hairspray will never let your hair down.


tri aerogel hair finishing spray - best hair spray

Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray

The Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray gives out a fine mist that works deeply to the hair roots. It has a good hold on the hair so it is perfect for all hair styles. It also works on different hair styles. This hair spray has great hold even if the humidity and temperature seems unfavorable. It doesn’t feel stiff or frizzy, so your hair feels natural. This is a top pick for professional stylist because it can endure the extremes of temperature, weather and humidity. It works like a gel spray so it does hold your hair really well. This is an ultimate hair finishing spray for the on-the-go persons like you.


rusk hairspray - best hair spray

Rusk hairspray

Rusk has been committed to the advancement of design forward styling items intended to style and hold the haircuts of today. Rusk Hairspray gives dependable hold that is glossy, delicate and absolutely touchable. The hair can be restyled, brushed through, and finger styled without frizz or chips.


w8less spray - best hair spray

W8less Spray

W8less Spray includes a Strong Hold, Extra-Strong Hold, and a Non-Aerosol Shaping Spray. These hairsprays can be splashed on wet hair preceding blow drying. It contains extraordinary warmth actuated conditioners that work with the warmth of the hair dryer to add moisture, body, and sparkle to the hair notwithstanding adding a durable hold to the coveted hairdo. For hair that is totally dry, the W8less hairsprays can be showered on for additional backbone and included control. As the name infers, these Rusk hairsprays are sufficiently light to not measure the hair down and make it look substantial or wet, yet rather bouncy and touchable.


worx hairspray - best hair spray

Worx Hairspray

Worx Hairspray is a medium to firm hold splash that can likewise be utilized on wet hair as a blow-drying help or on dry hair for additional hold. Worx hairsprays have an uncommon mix of silicones for included sparkle; be that as it may, this shower can be brushed through the hair without the drops connected with most silicone splashes. A second Worx shower is an additional hold recipe that is utilized just on dry hair to finish the haircut.


rusk beign sexy hairspray - best hair spray

Rusk Being Sexy Hairspray

Rusk Being Sexy Hairspray gives volume, additional firm hold, and control. Rusk Being Sexy Hair Spray secures and solidifies any hairdo with volume, additional firm hold, and control. Mixes hair with surface, characteristic sparkle, dependable, touchable hold and is awesome for any hair sort.


rusk radical extreme - best hair spray

Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Finishing Hairspray

Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Finishing Hairspray is a snappy drying ultra-fine mist at offers enduring hold and predominant composition and sparkle. This finishing splash right away bolts style into the spot and is incredible for numerous types and surfaces of hair.


rusk sensories  - best hair spray

Rusk Sensories Bright Brightening Hairspray

Rusk Sensories Bright Brightening Hairspray is planned with chamomile and lavender and expels yellow or brazen tones on white, dark, highlighted or blonde hair, reestablishing your hairs sparkle and brilliance. Additionally contains defensive UV and moisture hindrances that give moistness resistance and controls frizz.


rusk thickr  - best hair spray

Rusk Thickr Thickening Hairspray

Rusk Thickr Thickening Hairspray is an additional hold hairspray that offers effective composition and sparkle. Thick contains exceptional molding operators that enhance the state of the fingernail skin, added UV blockers to ensure shading treated or highlighted hair and ThermplexPlus, which powerfully bonds to hair to manufacture body and thickness in each strand.